Allen-Bradley PanelBuilder 1400e Version V05.15.00 (Build 1)

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支持Windows 95/NT 4.0操作系统,不支持xp win7这类操作系统。
*注意:在运行Microsoft Windows NT Service Pack 5、6或6A的PC上安装PanelBuilder 1400e可能会出现一些不兼容问题
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You can install and run PanelBuilder 1400e, Version 5.15.00, on aWindows NT 4.0 or a Windows 95 system.  For installing and
running PanelBuilder V5 the minimum system requirements are:

- A personal computer (PC) with at least a 486, 25-MHz microprocessor.
- Microsoft Windows 95 or Microsoft Windows NT 4.0.(See *Note below)
- A mouse supported by Windows.
- At least 16MB RAM for Windows 95.
- At least 32MB RAM for Windows NT.
- For Windows 95 a swap file of 32MB is required.
- For Windows NT your swap file should equal the recommended amount in the "Total Paging File Size for all Drives" dialog box under Virtual Memory/System Properties.
- A hard disk with 25 MB of free disk space is needed for installation.
- CD-ROM drive or a 3.5 inch high density (1.44 MB) disk drive.
- Standard VGA (640 by 480) display adapter with at least 256 colors (SVGA resolution of 800 by 600 or higher is recommended).  To resize graphic images in PanelBuilder,65,536 colors are recommended.

*Note: Some problems installing PanelBuilder 1400e may occur on PCs running Microsoft Windows NT Service Packs 5, 6, or 6A.Updating NT Service Pack above or below these identified is recommended.


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