[PLC编程] Kingfisher Toolbox 32 version2.5 (Rev 727)

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用于PC-1, CP-12/11/21 控制器配置和编程
支持操作系统Windows Vista,Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008/R2
TOOLBOX, a Microsoft Windows based RTU configuration and diagnostic program offers on-line help, configuration examples, and drag and drop capabilities.TOOLBOX features IEC61131-3 compliant ladder logic editing and allows you to configure RTUs remotely or locally, on-line or off-line, and from RTU to RTU, or PC to RTU.Control is implemented using ladder logic which is compiled and downloaded into the RTU.The use of databases for definition of I/O and system variables allows importing and exporting of configuration data to and from other SCADA system databases.
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Kingfisher Toolbox32.Setup.ver 2.5.zip (12.74 MB, 售价: 100 工控币)


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