Catapult DNP3 Driver v11.0.73.17712

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支持windows8.1和windows10操作系统,另外还支持Windows 2016/2019/2012R2. 对windows 7操作系统兼容性未知。
兼容的SCADA Systems:iFIX 6.0/6.1/5.9/5.8 和CIMPLICITY 11.0/10.0/9.5/9.0
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The Catapult DNP3 driver supports DNP 3.0 master communications for up to 1,000 DNP 3.0 slave devices, across 200 serial and/or IP channels.  The driver operates as an OPC server for any control system that supports OPC.
In addition to being an OPC server, the driver is also a native GE Digital iFIX or CIMPLICITY driver, using a native interface to iFIX or CIMPLICITY systems.


Supports DNP 3.0 to Level 3 for both Requests and Responses
Sequence of Events (DNP Level 3 only)
Report by exception (DNP Level 3 only)
Slave supported DNP levels 1, 2, 3
Internet Protocol - both UDP and TCP
Serial (300-57600 baud)
Radio support includes Flow control; Push To Talk control; Pre & Post-transmission delay setting; configurable retries and timeouts
DCOM is not currently supported,  the driver must run on the SCADA server

DNP3.0 for iFIX
Database addressing supports both IFIX (NIO) and OPC interfaces
The Driver can be started as a standard iFIX driver through the SCU, or configured to run as a windows background service.

Database addressing supports both CIMPLICITY and OPC interfaces
The Driver can be started as a standard CIMPLICITY driver.

Devices & Channels
Separate configuration of devices and channels
Each device can be connected to one or more channels
Each channel can be connected to one or more devices
Prioritization and automatic fail over when multiple channels are available
The maximum number of channels and devices is limited by system resources. The driver has been tested up to 1,000 devices and 200 channels.

Sequence of Events (SOE)
SOE Level 3 time mode, supporting Local and UTC time
Each and every SOE detected and written to the SOE log file, time stamped to 1msec using time captured by the I/O device
Includes time synchronization
Full support for SOE event display in iPower SCADA

Momentary Change Detect
Momentary changes (e.g. closed>open>closed) can be captured and passed on to the SCADA system, regardless of master polling cycle speed.
Each momentary change is time stamped as it was captured by the I/O device, providing an accurate record of the change.

”On the fly” configuration without requiring system restart

Communications monitoring in configuration window and to file Logging of raw binary data (data link) and decrypted data (application layer)
Comprehensive statistics for both devices and channels
Separate SOE log file
All statistics are available to SCADA
This electronic help provides descriptive material and specific operating procedures for performing all common tasks.

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